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Dutch Consulate Guangzhou China
The Dutch Consulate in Guangzhou has moved to a new location in the middle of 2009. I have visited the old location once before to apply for a visa, but last friday (8th of Januari 2010) I needed to go to the new location to fetch some papers regarding marriage in the Netherlands.

When you come from Shenzhen and don't drive your own car, taking the bus is the easiest way (60RMB from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, takes about 2 hours). You can get on at the transport hub in Futian district . There are several ticket counters on the first floor and there you buy a ticket to Guangzhou East Railway station. You need to get off before East Railway station though, at Ti yu zhong xin (sport center). When you get off the bus, turn around and you will see two very high buildings. The left building (while looking back) is the Teem Tower and that's where the Dutch consulate is housed.

Dutch Consulate's new office (left tower, 34th floor)

My bus stopped on the road to the right of Guangzhou Book Center.
You should go to the left tower

Just walk towards the high building, go down under the road, out to the left and you arrive at the TeemTower / TeeMall. Go into the TeeMall, which is a shopping mall of a few floors and then immediately turn left. You will see a Starbucks on the left side, pass it and go through a small corridor and then you see the elevators. You cannot take the elevator immediately though, you need to to get a visitors pass at the counter. So get your passport ready, register you want to go to the Dutch consulate and you get a temporary visitor pass. Then go to the first elevator which services the top floors and take the elevator to the 34th floor.

The Dutch consulate looks quite nice. When you get out of the elevator you will see a portrait of the Queen on the left side. Go inside and there are three counters with Chinese women who speak English. For visa-related stuff you need to make an appointment, but I just needed to get two consular declarations so I didn't have to make an appointment and could just wait there. Those declarations are expensive: 295 RMB/piece! You can only pay by cash, but in the TeeMall there are some ATMs on the first floor and on the 2nd floor.

Entrance to the TeeMall shopping mall; the office tower is on the left.

When you enter the TeeMall, immediately go left (pass the Starbucks) into that small corridor

When you get out of the elevator, you see the Queen on the left side and "Je Maintiendrai" on the door.

on the right side (not visible) 3 counters, in the back some brochures about the Netherlands and where i am standing is a waiting area. To the left are the elevators again.

Taking the bus back was a little more complicated. You need to take a taxi to Tian He bus station, which should cost a little below 20RMB. It's usually very busy there, but just go to one of the counters and ask for "Da ba che qu Shenzhen" they will probably ask you "Shenzhen nali?" and then you say wherever you want to go in Shenzhen. For me it was "Shenzhen DaXue" otherwise known as "Shenda beimen" (SZ University North Gate). Costs 65RMB to go back and takes about 2 hours again.

Teem Tower, verdieping 34, 208 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou
Tel: 0086-20-3813 2200
Fax: 0086-20-3813 2299


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Anoniem   | |2012-02-04 07:39:58
The customer service of the dutch consulate is very low level. Try to ask a question on the phone. The only answer they will give you is "See the website". So I wondering why they pick up the phone, if they not willing to answer any questions? And I also wondering why a dutch consulate can't speak dutch. I ever had tried to call them. Press 1 for Dutch and 2 for Engels. I pressed 1, but the woman that picked up can only speak Engels or Dutch.

I think this way will damange the image of the dutch consulate.

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