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Wedding Exhibition 2010
Photos of Chinese models in wedding dresses, that can only mean one thing: the annual wedding exhibition has returned to Shenzhen. We went today to pick up the gloves for my girlfriends wedding dress. When we arrived, a catwalk show was just under way for Mary Ann, where we bought our wedding dress as well. After this was over, we walked a bit around and took more photos. Even though the exhibition only was one hall big, it was still quite fun to see, especially all the Chinese models :) 

Photo of Chinese model in wedding dress

Overview photos of the wedding exhibition

Fashion show from Mary Ann wedding dresses

Quite unusual, I think this is for the evening party

As usual, there were many wedding photo studios. Most people actually don't buy a wedding dress, but will just take wedding photos at these studios. Those companies then take you to some scenic spots and bring several wedding dresses and suits for the couples to wear.

After you are married, you should give the guests and colleagues at work some candy and these are some cute boxes to put the candy in.

There were of course also many shops selling wedding dresses

Traditional wedding candy

Another fashion show

Models posing in front of yet another very big photo studio.

Designer wedding dress in Chinese style

One photo studio even had two foreign models

Traditional Cantonese wedding dress next to a Western style dress

One more overview photo

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Joy  - cool   | |2010-04-07 23:48:05
cool... i just came back frm China as well, but not at shenzhen but Guangzhou, Foshan. Went there for wedding purpose as well.. bought quite lots of wedding stuff. It was much more better than what i have expected
tola   | |2011-01-13 02:11:04
Hello Joy,

I just read your entry, I will be visiting Guanzhou in a few weeks to buy wedding & bridesmaid dresses for my wedding, can you please give me contact detailes of western friendly retailers in Guanzhou where we can get good quality stuff.
Crystal  - Are they?     | |2010-06-27 18:58:54
Are you sure that those two white girls were models?
Mim  - bridal shops in shenzhen   | |2010-11-03 13:18:50
can anyone name a few shops and addreses to buy wedding dress and other accessories and invitations? thanks
Thijs     | |2010-11-03 21:47:15

in guangzhou, also a street where you can find lots of wedding dress shops. it's just called wedding dress street, the official street name is Jiang Nan Da Dao Bei, can get off at Shi Er Gong by metro Line2

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