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2010 Shopping Festival
Today, January 1st 2010, we went to a "shopping festival" in the exhibition center. It's a little bit like a temple fair in northern China, but a bit more commercial here. Just many little shops together. When we arrived it looked quite empty at first, but it turned out only two halls were in use and in those two halls it was very busy. One hall was dedicated to clothes, shoes, blankets and so on and we quickly skipped this hall. The food hall was much more interesting. Lots of mushrooms, sausages, pieces of smoked meat, nuts, cookies and other stuff from all over China. In most shops you can first try it and then decide to buy. I like this, so now we finally bought some Sichuan sausages. We also bought strawberries, honey, smoked meat, black vermicelli noodles and sunflower seeds. It lasts till Sunday January 3rd 2010:
see more photos below

Some more photos:
in the shop on the left we bought some sichuan sausages

pig noses :)

some sausages

lots of dry mushrooms

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