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Wedding Exhibition 2010
Photos of Chinese models in wedding dresses, that can only mean one thing: the annual wedding exhibition has returned to Shenzhen. We went today to pick up the gloves for my girlfriends wedding dress. When we arrived, a catwalk show was just under way for Mary Ann, where we bought our wedding dress as well. After this was over, we walked a bit around and took more photos. Even though the exhibition only was one hall big, it was still quite fun to see, especially all the Chinese models :) 

Photo of Chinese model in wedding dress

Last Updated ( Saturday, 03 April 2010 )
2010 Shopping Festival
Today, January 1st 2010, we went to a "shopping festival" in the exhibition center. It's a little bit like a temple fair in northern China, but a bit more commercial here. Just many little shops together. When we arrived it looked quite empty at first, but it turned out only two halls were in use and in those two halls it was very busy. One hall was dedicated to clothes, shoes, blankets and so on and we quickly skipped this hall. The food hall was much more interesting. Lots of mushrooms, sausages, pieces of smoked meat, nuts, cookies and other stuff from all over China. In most shops you can first try it and then decide to buy. I like this, so now we finally bought some Sichuan sausages. We also bought strawberries, honey, smoked meat, black vermicelli noodles and sunflower seeds. It lasts till Sunday January 3rd 2010:
see more photos below

Last Updated ( Friday, 01 January 2010 )
2009 Shenzhen Jewellery Fair

Today, sunday 13th September 2009, we went to the Jewellery Fair in the Exhibtion Center. When we arrived around 11 in the morning, it was already very busy. There were three halls and most of the exhibitors were also selling. Trade seemed good with many people buying jewelry. Prices seemed ok as well. Pearl necklaces started from below 100Y, not too bad. There were of course also very expensive pieces, such as a gold necklace with sunflowers - inspired by Van Gogh's painting.


See the photo impression below!


Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 September 2009 )
Photos Cultural Fair 2009

Today, saturday May 16th 2009, we went for the first time to the China International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF) the Exhibition Center in Shenzhen. I took some photos during our visit:

Hall1 Exhibition Center China International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF)
Hall 1 of the Exhibition CEnter



Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 September 2009 )
International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF) Shenzhen

The Fifth China International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF) will open Friday May 15th 2009 at the Exhibition Center in Futian district in Shenzhen and run till the 18th of May. The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the cultural and creative industry. It is the only nation-standard international cultural fair. There are performances, gifts, art and lots more. The event is particularly interesting for domestic and international organizations and individuals who are interested in the development of China’s cultural industries, especially venture capitalists, strategic investors in the cultural industries, cultural creative enterprises and manufacturers and sellers & agents of cultural products. Expats can enjoy free admission.

Below you will find the different themes for the main halls of the center. Besides the main location, there are also several subveneus throughout Shenzhen.


Women of the Qiang minority shows her embroidery in Shenzhen, photo by ShenzhenDaily


Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 September 2009 )
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