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Shenzhen Children's Palace
Shenzhen Children's Palace is a huge activity center for children aged about 5-12 in Shenzhen. In fact, although you can enter without kids, you do need to bring kids to go to the activity areas. We saw little girls in dancing outfits, karate suits, a big queue for Energy's world, but also serious stuff like robotics etc. The building has a very futuristic design and is located just to the north of the Civic Center and to the east of the Book City.

Inside Children's Palace

Inside the Children's Palace different themes and activities take place as shown on this floor plan:

Floor 7:
  • Office Area
  • Multifunctional Room

Floor 6;
  • Office Area
  • Multimedia Conference Room
  • Reading Room
  • Audio & Video Studio

Floor 5:
  • Classroom

Floor 4;
  • 4D Dynamic Theater
  • Life Explore
  • Dance Room
  • Exhibition Hall

Floor 3:
  • Air Garden
  • Beautiful Homeland
  • Music Hall
  • Colourful Exhibition Hall
  • Exhibition Hall

Floor 2:
  • Science Kingdom
  • Bud Exhibition Hall

Floor 1:
  • Crystal Stone Hall
  • Energy's World
  • Space Theater
  • Service Zone
  • Clinic
  • No.2 Ticket Centre
  • Reception Room
  • Children's Theater

Floor -1:
  • Flying to Space
  • Information world
  • Worders in the Sea
  • Glass  house
  • Art Gallery
  • Lounge Hall
  • Underground Parking Lot

According to the booklets we saw at the information desk, most activities are not cheap but sound quite good. For example we saw a robotics class and a huge variety of other things.

Information folders for 2010, a huge variety of activities for children!

Some more photos of the building:
Rear of the Children's Palace, from the side of Guan Shanyue Art Museum
Rear entrance to Children's Palace

Front entrance to the futuristic Children's Palace, taken from the side of the Book City / Civic Center

Inside the Children's Palace, with the Civic Center on the background

Queue (on the left) for Energy's World

Ticket office for the 4D kids cinema

Verdict: ?

Need to ask some kids, but it looks quite good and very educational :)

How to get there?

Metro line 4 to Shao Nian Gong (Children's Palace) and then take exit D:


Subway Children's Palace Station

Admission Fee:

free to enter, but most classes and activities are not free. I'm not sure about the entrance fee for the themed halls. Robotics class was about 1280Y for 27 classes if I remember correctly.


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