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OCT Art&Design Gallery
The OCT Art&Design Gallery is located at the OCT (overseas chinese town) in Nanshan district, near Window of the World and Splendid China. The building has a very special honeycomb-like outer structure. The inside consists of a small shop and three floors for exhibitions. We went there to see some works of painters from Dafen who showed their work under the name "more than just a copy".

Entrance to the OCT Art&Design Gallery

Dafen is the oil painting village in the east of Shenzhen where you can buy fake Van Goghs for a few RMB. Hundreds of artists live and work there and I think many are very talented. So it's good to have an exhibition focus on their creative and not just copy-work. Unfortunately the OCT Art&Design Gallery is quite small inside. From the three floors, only 2 were open. The first floor showcased black and white photos and the second floor showcased some works from the Dafen painters.

The OCT Art&Design Gallery

First floor exhibition of black and white photographs

And now some works from the Dafen artists:





The shop near the entrance of the gallery:


Verdict: 6/10

Unlike many other musea in Shenzhen, this one is not free (15RMB). For that price the museum is actually quite small. The photos and paintings were nicely displayed and the shop was quite nice, but it's still a bit disappointing. I only recommend going here if there is an exhibition you are really interested in.

How to get there?
It's immediately next to Splendid China. Take the subway to Hua Qiao Cheng Station (OCT) and then take Exit C. Walk straight out of the exit towards the West, till you pass the Pavilion Hotel (with that big pirate ship on top). Walking further to the west you will pass another museum and then see a footbridge (with McDonalds) to the other side of the big road. Across the road is a big WalMart supermarket.

Admission Fee:
15 RMB per person (subject to change for special exhibitions), half price for students and teachers. Groups get 50% discount and small children, seniors (over 60), military, veterans and disabled get free access.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 17:30 and public holidays

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