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Subway restaurant

Subway  just opened a new store in Shenzhen (opposite to Coco Park) and they are currently offering special discounts. Sandwitches vary in price from 16Y (6" Veggie Delight) to  26Y (6" Subway Melt). The staff speaks English, so it should be no problem to order your favorite sandwitch here. I went there today and ate a Roast Beef for 17RMB. Tastes good, but as always Subway restaurants are quite empty. Most Chinese do not seem to like sandwitches so much.


New Subway restaurant near Coco Park in Shenzhen


Address Futian (the big Carrefour at Central Walk):

Yijing Central Walk, Futian Dt, L1004. No. 3 Fuhuayi Road Shenzhen GN 518026,

Phone: 0755-82801186 

This shop is on the outside of Central walk on the street level. I'm always confused if it's on the West or East side, but anyway, along one of the outsides. You can eat inside or outside.


GouWuGongYuan, Opposite to Coco park (new August 2010):

There is a new Subway restaurant across the road from Coco park. Instead of taking the subway exit at the side of Coco Park/Starbucks, take the exit on the other side of the road, go up the escalator and turn left. After about 50 meters you will see the new Subway. They are currently having some special offers (20% discount on all) and a daily special sandwitch for 17RMB. I ate the Roast Beef today. The area is still quite empty, but there were already some bars inside and even one especially to play darts and another to play card/boardgames.

Phone: 8329-2299, free delivery in 1KM


The new Subway restaurant in GouWuGongYuan, Store B12


Address Shekou:

G6 Taizi Square, Taizi Road, Shekou Industrial Zone Shenzhen GU 518000

Phone: 0755-26889328  

Opposite of the "big boat" in Shekou district, it's hard to miss this store.


Not open yet?:

A2-04, Haide San Dao Shenzhen GN 518059



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Everett   | |2010-05-18 23:23:46
Im looking to open a subway up in Wuhan. If anyone is interested in investing then email me at
Henrique   | |2010-08-13 10:06:53
Er zit ook een subway by Guo Mao metro station
Scott Bailey  - Subway in Jiaxing China     | |2011-10-23 12:50:02
Hello world, anyone interested in opening a subway sandwich shop in Jiaxing China it is a great town and growing very fast, if I had an investor for a subway sandwich shop there, we could put it right across the street from the main collage and I am sure it would be a great money maker.
SJ  - SUBWAY restaurants In Shenzhen     | |2012-02-15 21:07:46
Until Jan 2012, we have 14 stores in Shenzhen. For detail address, please log on to

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