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Street food

Street food is very popular in China, especially for young people (because it is cheap). For a few yuan you can eat noodle while you sit down on mini plastic chairs next to the road. It's also very popular to get bbq squid or other meat on a stick. I've started to collect some pictures about this. See more photos below:

Father and son waiting for their food in DongMen, April 2009
bbq'ed squid sticks are always popular. Next to it: roasted chestnuts and at the bottom right corner coconuts.
A real shop, but you have to eat it in the street, like Chinese fastfood. Meat sticks and tofu are very popular. Dong Men april 2009
On the left those long sticks are sugar plant. You can chew it and get very sweet water out (spit the rest out). 
closeup of the famous fried squid sticks. 4 yuan per stick, 7 yuan for 2 etc.
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