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Shekou is the southern part of Nanshan district. The area by itself is quite large and famous for it's foreign community. The center is quite small, but contains some places of interest such as a big boat that has been converted to hotel&restaurant. In the area opposing the boat many foreign restaurants can be found such as French Kiss, Indian food, Thai food and so on. Also several bars in this area.

Personally I think that the two stores that sell imported foods are more interesting. They are located a bit to the south from the restaurant area, close to a big sign for a school. It's within walking distance, just follow the big road.

If you want - or need - to take a break from Chinese food, you will definately find something to your liking here. The prices are also much higher than Chinese restaurants though. There is also a Sub-Way restaurant with good sandwitches.

If you take the bus further to the south, you will arrive at Shekou ferry terminal. From here boats go to Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Island,  Macau and Zhuhai.



8/10 if you want some Western food. Not much else to do here besides eating. Can be combined with a visit to Nanshan Bookcity or perhaps returning from Shekou ferry.

How to get there

Bus K113, 204 and others. Currently a subway is under construction that will lead all the way to the ferry terminal, but construction has only started in 2007 so it will still take some time to finish. It also means that the bus stop near the ferry terminal is a big construction site. 

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