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Street food

Street food is very popular in China, especially for young people (because it is cheap). For a few yuan you can eat noodle while you sit down on mini plastic chairs next to the road. It's also very popular to get bbq squid or other meat on a stick. I've started to collect some pictures about this. See more photos below:

Father and son waiting for their food in DongMen, April 2009
Last Updated ( Sunday, 19 April 2009 )
Subway restaurant

Subway  just opened a new store in Shenzhen (opposite to Coco Park) and they are currently offering special discounts. Sandwitches vary in price from 16Y (6" Veggie Delight) to  26Y (6" Subway Melt). The staff speaks English, so it should be no problem to order your favorite sandwitch here. I went there today and ate a Roast Beef for 17RMB. Tastes good, but as always Subway restaurants are quite empty. Most Chinese do not seem to like sandwitches so much.


New Subway restaurant near Coco Park in Shenzhen


Last Updated ( Thursday, 12 August 2010 )
Super Steak

Super Steak restaurant in Coco Park. I have not been there myself, but saw the sign clearly at Coco Park. Two customer reviews at ShenzhenStuff were not so positive:

  • Name is great, but restaurant not so much... First of all, it is too big, you feel like in factory's or school's eatery. This place doesn't have good decoration, no any atmosphere. Prices are also very different, you can have some steak for 70-100 RMB and you can order some dish for 300-400 RMB even. Problem is you do not get much, just steak, no any french fries, just a little (one spoon) potato-mass and some cold vegetable. Usually steak should be hot, still cooking, they gave me almost cold meat. In fact in any (simple) restaurant in Hong Kong you can have steak for 60-80 HKD including good soup, toasts, french fries and it will be big , delicious piece of meat, still hot. Of course Super Steak provides you free salads buffet, but can we call it free, if price for food is quit high?! Moroever service is so so. I got used to that people say "good bye" and invite you again in Chinese language. In this restaurant they do not care, too big eatery, they are not able to notice every customer, who is coming in and going out. I am not saying place is so bad, food (taste) is also fine, but still there are some small mistakes, which they should eliminate to keep good name or they should decrease prices.

  • This place is terrible. We went there for my birthday last year with a large party (12 people).

    The service was pretty crappy. We waited a long, long time before they remembered us and took our order. They didn't even bring us the free salad/fruit plates until a girl remembered that they were supposed to have them and reminded them towards the end of dinner. Also, my friends had to them store the cake to bring out later, but when they did it was still in the box. And they lost the candles. At the end, they also turned the lights out on us when we were eating the cake.

    The food was also awful, especially for the price. The place should be called "Fatsteak" instead because that's what the steaks were--large pieces of FAT with small bits of lean meat attached. None of the people who got steak could finish them because they were mostly fat, even the ones that cost 100+ RMB. Some people got pasta where the shrimp wasn't fully cooked and had to be sent back.

    The only redeeming quality about the place is that they had a free bread bar with cheese dips. That was pretty good. 


Coco Park, 3rd Fl, Fuhua 3rd Rd, Futian (2531 3993)

Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 May 2008 )
The Kitchen Futian
The Kitchen in Futian district, close to Coco Park is a new restaurant that opened in September 2009. They offer the English menu with prices on their website. The restaurant focus on high quality Western food. The prices are on the expensive side compared to Chinese restaurants, but it still looks acceptable. Expect to spend about 150 RMB per person.

Coco Park District C
Shopping Park - Shop 144
Gou Wu Gong Yuan station Exit B (includes details how to get there)

Xiao Fei Yang Hot Pot Restaurant

Famou Hot Pot Restaurant chain called "Little Fat Sheep" hotpot. You can also buy their hot pot ingredients in the supermarket (just look for the green (not-spicy) and red (spicy) bags. Been there several times, and tastes quite good.


All over Shenzhen! Easy to recognize by the green logo with a little sheep head.


Yifuyuan Hunan Restaurant

Yifuyuan Hunan Restaurant 伊辅园湖南餐厅


113 Bu Xing Jie 步行街113号 2660-8288

YuYuan Shanghainese restaurant
Today we went to YuYuan, a Shanghainese restaurant in Citic plaza in Futian district in Shenzhen. It's one of the best Shanghainese restaurants in the city and the price is also quite high, but we had a special offer via the website. We liked the restaurant a lot: see the photos and read our impression below:

YuYuan - very good Shanghainese restaurant

Last Updated ( Saturday, 14 August 2010 )
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