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Coco Park food court Delicity

Coco Park food court is located at the 3rd floor of Coco park. It's similar to the food court in Central Walk in setup; both offer tepanyaki (Japanese style food fried on a hot metal plate) and various other Chinese cuisines. You normally buy a card to store some money and then pay at the various little counters with this card. Currently (June 2009) they offer a special offer: buy 300, get 330Y worth of deposit. The little shops often have special discounts, such as Korean-style stown-bowl rice for 18Y (instead of 28) and tepanyaki fried beef for 28Y instead of 48Y. There is also an excellent fresh juice bar that offers really nice drinks. So far the most amazing combination has been pineapple+haw, delicious!


left the counter where you pay. On the right the fresh fruit bar. All the small restaurants are built around the central open space at the south-east entrance of Coco Park (side of Exhibition hall)



Coco Park (Gou Wu Gong Yuan subway stop), 3rd floor above the main entrance / side of the Jusco supermarket.



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