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AmsterdamSnack in Shenzhen

AmsterdamSnack: Dutch delicacies in Shenzhen!  I was totally amazed to see this place in Dong Men. I think it opened around October 2009, hope they stay for a while so we can all enjoy 'kroketten' in Shenzhen :)




Update: we've now been to AmsterdamSnack to try the kroketten and patat (french fries). See for new photos below: 



AmsterdamSnack Shenzhen China




 "Kroketten" in Shenzhen. Tastes remarkably like the original. With ketchup and mayonaise. Perhaps they can also offer a version with a bit more meat, or 'frikandellen'. 
'Patat' also tasted good. We're not sure about the drinks though. Very bitter herb-tea, not so typically Amserdam, but hey... it was free so cannot complain too much :)



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recommended when you are Dutch and live in Shenzhen. In fact, just recommended for anyone who wants to try some Dutch fast-food. Give it a try :) The girl who served us was very nice so we are happy with this place! Bring on the 'oliebollen' , 'appelflappen', 'frikandellen' en 'stroopwafels' !!!!



MingShi department store, shop P33.

Near a square between Moi and Sun Plaza department stores


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Marcel   | |2009-11-21 12:21:53
Tried to find this shop and after a long search finally found it,BUT
it was closed already; date 20-11-2009
Henrique   | |2009-11-22 18:19:35
Inderdaad helaas is Amsterdam Snack al ten ziele gegaan dat gaat erg snel hier wel jammer
Thijs Terlouw     | |2009-11-22 21:17:55
Tsjonge, dat is toch wel erg snel! Ik zal volgende keer dat ik in DongMen ben even kijken wat er nu zit....
Leo R   | |2009-12-10 20:53:35
Whahaha, kroket met stokjes :-)

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