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Amazon Brazilian BBQ / Gaucho Garden Grill

I've been to the Amazon Brazilian BBQ in Shekou once and once in GouWuGongYuan, and it was pretty good. You can eat unlimited BBQ food and get lots of icecream etc. Not all BBQ food was equally good, but overall a good experience and not too expensive! You can eat a lot and will be very full :)


At the Coco Park branch, you can sit outside or inside.



128 RMB per person . This includes unlimited food. The chef will come to your table with long metal sticks with freshly grilled meat. Furthermore there are lots of warm and cold foods that you can help yourself to. You get one soda for this price, additional drinks you have to pay yourself. You can also get unlimited cake and icecream.


meat is served like this to your table, only for meat-lovers! :)


Location 1: Lower level, Citic Plaza (Zhongxin Guangchang) Luohu 2594 1188

Location 2: 117 Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan 2668 3388

Location 3: GouWuGongYuan (no the North of Coco Park shopping mall, near the bars).

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Angry AMAZON BBQ Patron  - Angry AMAZON BBQ Patron   | |2011-12-26 13:33:12
Don't consider eating at Amazon BBQ. They are cheap on going around in serving the foods. Servers are rude and don't bother coming to your table unless being called at. Nothing to eat, a complete waste of time and money.

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