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We have a baby-boy
Wednesday (9 February) morning around 9 o'clock my wife delivered our Dutch-Chinese baby and it was a boy! We're calling him Wouter (a traditional Dutch name) and he looks very healthy. The contractions started around midnight, just as we wanted to sleep. At first we waited for a while to see what would happen, but around 1 o'clock Xiaoxiong had to go to toilet very often and it was 'leaking' so much that we suspected the water had broken. We called my parents-in-law and then we went to the Far East hospital in Shenzhen, near Dong Men.

Wouter is yawning and opening his eyes

When we arrived in the hospital, the doctor performed some checks and confirmed that the water indeed had broken. We got a private room and for the next six hours the contractions got stronger all the time, so that was a good sign. Unfortunately the contractions hurt a lot. We timed the contractions on a free iPhone application, so we could tell the doctor exactly how much time between the contractions and how long they lasted. That was very convenient. When they reached around 2-3 minutes apart and 1 minute each (around 7 o'clock in the morning) she was brought to the delivery room. Unfortunately nobody else was allowed there (because there are also other women delivering), but thankfully Xiaoxiong did very good and already 2 hours later a healthy baby boy was delivered. At first the doctor had said she probably would need a C-section, but Xiaoxiong had told her that she wanted to try a natural delivery and all went very good. After they were done with the baby and Xiaoxiong, they called us to look shortly and about 1-2 hours later they finally came outside. The baby still was a bit dirty, but already looked lovely and so small!

birth card Wouter
The Dutch birth-card i made, with a rabbit on the top

Xiaoxiong had previously contacted a yuesao company and we called them to say Xiaoxiong already delivered. Around the midday the yuesao arrived and that was very convenient. She is much more experienced obviously than all of us combined, so she knows how to feed the baby, how to burp him, change clothes etc. She also prescribes to my parents-in-law what Xiaoxiong can and cannot eat. Most of the foods she gets are to start the milk-production and for recovery. So she gets find-soup, pork-bone-soup, tofu, rice-porridge and so on. No spicy food and very little salt. The yuesao slept with Xiaoxiong in the hospital, so that we could all sleep at home (which was very nice after missing a night!).

all three of us
All three of us, the first day

The baby and Xiaoxiong slept quite good the first night, but the yuesao not so much, because she needs to pay attention to the baby all the time. It's a tiring and specialized job, so that's why they get paid much more than normal ayi. We are all satisfied with the yuesao and also with the hospital. On day 2 (yesterday) we moved to a big 2-person room. Beds there cost around 198RMB/day, but we are lucky that the hospital is quite empty now so nobody was sleeping on the second bed. The room has a private bathroom, a big LCD tv, nice wallpaper, good beds, colorful blankets (changed every day). The room also has a window and airco, though we don't need the airco now. The nurses and doctors come regularly to check and pay good attention. This hospital (Far East) started as a private hospital, but since the end of January also accepts Chinese social insurance. The insurance doesn't cover everything (for example the maximum allowance for a bed is 50RMB/day), but it's still better than nothing. The hospital is also much nicer than most public hospitals. In the public hospitals you often need to sleep in the hallway when you just arrived, since they are so full. So we spend a bit more (but not nearly as expensive as expat-hospitals or going to Hong Kong), but we get a nice experience.

hospital room far-east
Hospital room in Far-East. Mommy is eating the food that was prepared by her parents on advice of the yuesao. Hospital doesn't provide food.

The second day the baby got washed by a nurse and already looks more handsome again. He still doesn't cry so much, and that's great for us. Only when he's hungry, pooped, washed or when they do some blood-tests he will cry. He also showed many expressions already in the first couple of hours. Xiaoxiong was already walking quite good again the second day, but she will stay in the hospital for 3 whole days (that's custom in China).

small hands

Some newer photos (almost 2 months):
new clothes


More photos are on my (Dutch) blog page and on my wife's (Chinese) Sina blog . You can also follow her on her Sina blog and then you will be automatically notified when she posts new photos :)
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Benny     | |2011-03-28 11:24:05

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!
julia  - nice baby     | |2011-04-02 17:43:04
congratulations to have a nice baby!my name is Julia , nice to meet you , I am a chinese ,but my hunsband is Dutch! so i will contact you!if you see my message , i am looking forward to your reply!
Janina  - Congratulations   | |2011-04-04 20:37:49
Congrats on your beautiful baby boy. I have been checking out your website quite often. I am moving to Shenzhen soon for a job offer and you have helped out tremendously, thank you. I wish you and Xiaoxiong the best of luck!

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