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Relax 1-child-policy in 3 years
Today I heard a rumor: within 3 years the one-child policy will be further relaxed. Currently if both parents are a single-child, they can have two children. Within 3 years the government will change this and only require one of the parents to be single child.

I've long believed that the government will further relax the one-child policy, just like they have done in the past, but this is the first time I heard more concrete plans. The source is someone who works in the family-planning bureau in Beijing. I personally believe this is closely related to how the economy and housing market are doing. By allowing more children, there will be more demand for houses in the future. If the current trend is not reversed, there will be an excess of houses in China. Until the rule is implemented we can only speculate though. Let's hope the rumor is true and they hurry up!
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