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Health insurance newborn baby China
With less than one month to my wife's due-date, we've been looking into health insurances for the baby. It turns out that getting health insurance after 30 days is no problem, but getting coverage during the first 30 days is a big problem! Without a Hukou, you obviously cannot get social insurance. Unfortunately none of the commercial insurance policies covers newborn babies either.
In Shenzhen a child can get social insurance if it
  • has a Shenzhen Hukou, or
  • no Shenzhen Hukou, but already registered in kindergarten or school, and one of the parents paid his or her insurance for more than 1 year

The social insurance is cheap, costing only 0.8% of the average monthly salary of Shenzhen's citizens. You can apply for the social insurance within 1 month after you get the Hukou, and then you pay from the month the baby was born. The insured date starts from the date the baby was born, so the first 30 days are covered for any child that gets a Hukou.

For children born in China without a Hukou, there is no social insurance. We figured we would then just buy commercial insurance, but that's not possible before the baby is 30 days old. My commercial insurance doesn't offer the option to add the child to my insurance either, and it seems most often it's only possible to add to the mother's insurance scheme anyway.

So this leads to the conclusion: for foreign/mixed kids born in China, unless the father has some very good insurance that covers the newborn baby, it's impossible to get insurance for the newborn baby during the first 30 days, unless you get a Hukou.

update: I got a reply from Chartis Insurance, they cover the health of the baby after 15 days. I bet that also has to do with 'pre-existing conditions'. So the problem remains: how do you really get insurance for the health of your unborn baby?

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very detailed (Chinese) information, but only applies to children with a Hukou

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Fernando Cantu  - So youw baby will be Chinese?     | |2011-01-25 16:38:19
So, I assume your baby will not be Chinese right?

We had our first baby in Liaoning last September, thanks to God she is very healthy, but we were also looking for this information at that time.

At this moment our daughter is covered by my wife's insurance since both of them are Chinese
Thijs     | |2011-01-25 18:43:44
Hi Fernando, yes we intended not to get a Hukou (just a Dutch passport). It seems this is only possible if the child is indeed healthy, such a stupid situation....

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