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Exit Entry Permit
Our baby boy Wouter was born in China, but we got him a Dutch passport. According to the Chinese government, he is still a Chinese citizen. We want to visit the Netherlands with Wouter. In order to cross the Chinese border, he needs a special Exit&Entry permit. The reasoning of the Chinese government is that since he is Chinese, he needs some Chinese document to show at the border. They will not recognize his Dutch passport. The Entry&Exit permit is a small passport-like permit that will allow him to pass the border out of China. When we arrive at the Dutch border, we can just use his Dutch passport.

Exit and Entry Permit of the People's Republic of China

We're just went to the main PSB station in Shenzhen (in Luohu district) to the Exit&Entry department to apply for his Exit and Entry permit. My wife also called beforehand to confirm which papers we need. The lady on the phone said we need to bring:

  • Foreign parent's passport
  • Baby's passport
  • Chinese parent's Hukou + ID card
  • Two 2 inch passport photos with blue background and the accompanying proof (Shenzhen photo shops know what you mean, all official photos need this proof)
  • Baby's MBC (Medical Birth Certificate )
  • Chinese name for your baby (we didn't have one, so we translated Wouter into Chinese. It's useless anyway)
  • On the phone they also mentioned to bring his local PSB registration (where he lives), but we didn't bring it and they didn't ask about it either
  • 20 RMB

As usual also make photocopies of all your documents. Make sure you have a copy of the whole MBC (including the piece that can be used to get a Hukou). It takes 5 working days to get this permit. According to the Chinese text on the form, this is originally intended for HK residents who lost their passport in China, but nowadays it seems mostly used by mixed babies who have a foreign passport. Before us was another mixed baby, so in Shenzhen they are very used to this procedure. In other (smaller) cities it's likely more difficult, but in Shenzhen it's absolutely no problem. We went there together, but it's enough if one parent goes.

Applying for this permit is done on the 2nd floor (same place where you would extend visa etc). After you hand in all the documents (and copies), the lady will check it and give you a note that you have to pay 20RMB. Then you walk to the 3rd floor and pay at one of two small windows. With this receipt you then go back to the same lady and she will print a pick-up notice for you. You need to bring this with you when you want to collect the permit.

If you forgot some of the photocopies, you can also make a copy inside the police station (also on the 3rd floor, in a small room), but it's just more convenient to have everything ready. We also asked about the validity of this Exit&Entry permit. The lady said that this permit is valid for 3 months. She explained that means we have to exit China and enter China within 3 months. If we intend to stay outside China longer, we would need to apply for a visa in the home country, or for a special travel permit. I'm not sure how to get that travel permit, but for us it's no problem: we will return within 3 months of today. So it means we do not need to apply for a Chinese visa in the Netherlands in order to return to China. The permit is valid for only one time, so if you for example want to travel to Hong Kong with your baby, you would need to apply for this permit again. Another option would be to come back on the Dutch passport and then he can just go to Hong Kong easily (assuming he has a multi-entry Chinese visa).

If you re-enter China on this permit, he is still considered Chinese. I think that if we would apply for a Chinese visa in the Netherlands for his Dutch passport and then enter on his Dutch passport, he would be considered a Dutch person. When we go to the Netherlands, we will also bring his MBC. It might help if we need to apply for a visa after all, or at the border to explain why he has an empty Dutch passport.

update 1 week later:

we got our Exit&Entry permit and I made some scans of the document:
front of the small Exit and Entry Permit book (looks a bit like a passport)

First page this statement requesting the bearer of this permit to pass freely.

Last page with personal details. I've removed some details. For name they printed his Dutch name and also the Chinese name

Location PSB Luohu (Shenzhen):
next to the subway station DaJuYuan
take exit D and cross the road on the left

Opening hours:
morning + midday
We prefer to go around 13:50 (it opens at 14:00 in the midday) and then the queues are very short
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Rob Groeneweg  - Entry / exit permit   | |2011-06-27 18:34:57
That is a complicated procedure to get your son out of China and back. I wonder what they will say at the airline counter at Schipholo when they see his Dutch passport and no visa for China and you show them this entry/exit permit. Will the airline and Dutch immigration officers when you leave be aware that he can return to China on this document. Airlines need to check whether or not you have the right entry visa before they allow you on the plane.
You obviously travel on your Dutch passport and Chinese visa.
I guess your wife has to apply for a visa to visit the Netherlands. Is the procedure easy for her to get the visa?
My wife in the meantime has been granted the Dutch nationality in the meantime. It will all become official after she has been handed over the "Koninklijk Besluit" which we expect to be somewhere in August. Then she will have the Dutch passport and need to apply for a visa to visit China.
Thijs Terlouw  - Bit complicated indeed     | |2011-06-27 21:48:59
it's indeed a bit complicated, but I consider us lucky that we can get the Exit&Entry permit at all.

Since he has a regular Dutch passport, they can never refuse him at the border I think. Besides, there must be many kids born abroad. When we travel back we'll indeed show the Dutch passport at the Dutch border and then the Exit&Entry permit at the Chinese border. The Chinese PSB even has a copy of his Passport, so it's not like they don't understand what is going on.

I believe the procedure for my wife will be simpler this year (because we are now married), but I still have to get confirmation from the Consulate in Guangzhou
Carsten Mathiesen  - Did it work   | |2011-07-14 17:17:33
Congrats on your Son!
We have the same issue here in Beijing, where our Danish/Chinese son has a Danish Passport, and now applying Exit/Entry-permit. So long so good, but the confusion is coming on the return home after leaving; some say we have to go to the Chinese Embassy In Copenhagen to get a Chinese tourist Visa for him, which later on return to China is transferred to my Z-Visa, other say this won't work, because the Chinese Embassy won't issue a tourist Visa to him, since he's Chinese and also he has no address in Denmark. Catch 22!
Have you left China and come succesfully back with your boy on the Exit-Entry permit? Also the Shiphol/Airline issue is interesting:-)
Thijs  - Don't know yet     | |2011-07-14 17:56:22
we will go to the Netherlands in one month, and will be back middle of September. After that I will update this article (if we could come back )
Steve Hennel  - Exit/Entry Book   | |2011-07-25 00:40:30
Hello All
I am also currently going thru this procedure. I also have already been issued the exit/entry book. But the one issued to me as the one pictured above, except inside mine, it specifically states, valid for 1-exit............nothing about re-entry. Therefore I was specifically told by the govt people when I dd the exit/entry book, he absolutely must have a Chinese Visa in his passport to get back into China.
I also have a "Z" visa (residence and work permit)I also considered your statment about how to get the tourist visa. I am going back to USA August 1st and I am planning to apply for the "D" visa for my son. This is a 1-time entry visa, good for 6-months, that is then used to progress the residence visa after entering china.
It also seems You can maybe progress a special version of the "L" visa, which is issued to children of Chinese Nationals, but who hold a foreign passport. This visa is good for 2-years and entried into China of 180-days per time.

Good Luck to us!!!
Thijs     | |2011-07-26 10:56:02
I am quite nervous about going back to China with the exit/entry permit. So far we are still planning on just returning with this exit/entry permit, but perhaps we will ask again at the Chinese embassy in the Netherlands. I don't want to have any surprises when our flight has to leave...
Johannes Bosch   | |2011-07-31 16:39:16
I live in Singapore, Dutch citizen married to a Chinese citizen. We expect our baby within appr. 2 weeks - we are really struggling with the documents - we want dutch citizen for our child and a Dutch passport. It seems one has to do a lot of formalities to get it all sorted out. Guess the Dutch citizenship is no no problem, since the father is Dutch. We owe of course Chinese marriage and confirmed marriage documents. We married in July 2010. Does someone have experience with this?? I am happy for any advice. Since my wife is Chinese and her family lives in Shanghai she intend to visit the family with our child and hopefully with a Dutch passport. Are there any particular things to consider?? Does the child a tourist visa?? And can travel in and out of China? Are there any special rules to consider??

If someone has some advice for me it would be highly appreciated.
Thijs     | |2011-08-02 22:33:55
Hi Johannes, I think it's a bit more complicated because you are now in Singapore. I remember once reading a story about another foreigner who had a baby in Singapore and he was too late in reporting the birth. I cannot find the website anymore though :-(
If you intend to only apply for Dutch nationality, then you would apply for a Chinese visa in his Dutch passport in Singapore. If they give that, then it's easy. If they refuse it because the mother is Chinese, then you might have to get some special temporary Chinese entry permit to enter China?

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