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Websites met als onderwerp Shenzhen.
  Web Link
  Link   Good Times
Good Times! Events Planning in Nanshan district (Shekou)
  Link   My China blog
A UK family's year in China (Shenzhen - Shekou)
  Link   Shenzhen Standard
The community generated and editorial content found on provides residents and visitors with relevant and timely information about the city, the people, the businesses and the culture of Shenzhen
  Link   Dial-an-Angel Shenzhen
Relocating to Shekou or Futian in Shenzhen? Dial-an-Angel is a western style relocation company.
  Link   The Snake Pit
The Snake Pit is a Shenzhen institution and one of China's longest established expatriate bars.
  Link   Shenzhen Sailing Centre
Delta Sailing Club
  Link   Shenzhen Undercover
A Chinese-American's journey to understand China: cultural insights, Johnny Walker, politicking and toys ... all while attempting to blend into the background
  Link   Shenzhen @
shenzhen classifieds for expats and internationals
Dutch links page with lots of good links about Shenzhen, maintained by me. Although the site is Dutch, most of the resources are actually in English.
  Link   Shenzhen Buzz
Website for resident expats and foreign visitors
  Link   ShenzhenStuff
Shenzhen's social networking site featuring local events & nightlife
  Link   Shenzhen Subway
Good information about the subway system in Shenzhen and current construction
  Link   Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange English
  Link   Radio Shenzhen
Radio 1,2 en 3 live vanuit Shenzhen
  Link   Shenzhen Daily
English language daily newspaper from Shenzhen. **Highly recommended**
  Link   Shenzhen
Collection of links about Shenzhen
  Link   Shenzhen Government Online
De website van de lokale overheid in het Engels. Bevat ook een lijst toeristische attracties in Shenzhen.
  Link   Wikipedia - Shenzhen
Engelstalige Wikipedia-site over Shenzhen.
Website by some foreigners in Shenzhen; mostly about parties, but also includes a good 'classifieds' section.
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