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China Internet

China currently is number 2 in the world in terms of online users and set to overtake the USA soon.  Here are some links to stay up-to-date about internet developments in China


  Web Link
  Link   China on
Very useful site which lists the main English blogs about China
  Link   The China Vortex
Blog about internet, economy and China. Great for people who have an interest in those three subjects and good quality posts!
The mobinode is another very good blog about technology in China.
  Link   Ogilvy China Digital Watch
Great site about digital media in China. Very good site!
  Link - China Blog Blogging from Behind the Great Wall
Entertaining site by Rick Martin about Chinese Internet developments. Everything from Baidu to QQ in English. Updated regularly and well worth a read!
  Link   CNet Little Red Blog
CNet Asia blog about Internet developments in China
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