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Categorie met links over China
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  Link   LoveLoveChina
A Chinese girl writing about Chinese girls. Very popular website, recommended!
  Link   Mister China
Mister China helpt bij het zoeken naar stageplekken in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen)
Dutch blog about China
  Link   XABOO! in Xi'an
¡XABOO! - Interactive Community for Locals & Expats in Xi'an
  Link   China Vitae
China Vitae is a resource of information for more than 3000 Chinese leaders in government, politics, the military, economics and business, and the media. The extensively cross-referenced biographical database is designed to be an indispensable resear
Algemene link-site over China
Erg goede Nederlandstalige website over China, Taiwan en HongKong. Ik help zelf mee op deze website als moderator op het forum.
Algemene linksite over China
  Link   Holland in China
Nederlandse Ambassade in China
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