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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Name: Thijs Terlouw

Gender: Male


Date of Birth: April 6th 1980

Age: 31

Nationality: Dutch

Education: Computer Science with MSc degree

University: Delft University of Technology

Work experience:

2006 Aug-current: Tencent Inc. China senior backend engineer

2006-2009: Part-time freelance website development

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Address: Futian district, Shenzhen, Guangdong, P.R. China

I graduated the 22nd of December 2005 in the field of Computer Science, at the department of Information Systems of Delft Technical University in the Netherlands. Directly after graduating I moved to Shenzhen, China and a few months later I joined Tencent/QQ. My main interests are designing and implementing scalable and reliable Internet applications. In my free-time I study Chinese and new technologies. I'm believe in open source and getting the job done and am very interested in innovation. 

Education and Training

Sep 1992 ~ Aug 1998

Gymnasium Camphusianum

High School

Sep 1998 ~ Dec 2005

Delft University of Technology

MSc Information Systems

Work Experience

    • I am currently working in Tencent Inc. in China as senior backend engineer
    • At Tencent I have worked on:
      • a scalable bookmarking architecture based on LAMP (PHP, MySQL, Memcached). I designed an implemented the backend. I learned a lot about scalability in my first project (2006-2007)
      • Highly popular website for the QQ IM chat groups (PHP, Erlang, C++). I implemented a scalable API layer (Erlang) and was involved with the architecture of the PHP layer. Gained valuable experience in networking, high reliability and scalability (2007-2010)
      • Innovative web platform with chat and other applications (C++, C, Erlang, Java). Helped design the Erlang messaging backend, involved with several smaller features that were implemented quickly. Also implemented a reliable file transfer server (Erlang with C++) (2008-2011). I also worked on client code using Qt/Webkit (1h 2011)
      • various: I now focus on new frameworks and tools to help novice developers work more efficiently and avoid common problems. I have designed a new backend architecture inspired by the cloud (client/worker) and based on ZeroMQ and ZooKeeper.

    • As a freelance developer I have created various websites using PHP and MySQL:  and China webshop . I stopped my freelance work mostly due to time constraints, but also because of the repetitive nature of the work.

Awards and achievements:
  • 2009 - Excellent staff member
  • 2010 - Promoted to senior developer
  • 2011 - Part of WebQQ team which won several awards
Have been awarded two patents (single author)

Key Skills

Computer Science:

  • C++ (3+ years), Erlang (3+ years), PHP (5+ years), Java (2+ years), Bash scripting (3+ years)
  • MySQL, Linux, Memcached, HaProxy, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, ZooKeeper, Hadoop, Redis
  • high performance servers and scalable architectures
  • interested in software development methodologies and tools; in particular Agile development, TDD, Wikis and bug-tracking
  • actively cooperate with the Product Managers to design new features


  • English and Dutch both fluent in writing and speaking. Can understand German. Beginner in Chinese (Mandarin). Can read a little Latin and French.

Hobbies:  Science and Technology; Travel; Photography; Write about life in Shenzhen on my personal website. Also like cycling, ice-skating and skiing but that's hard in Shenzhen.

Personality: Open minded, proactive, to the point, no-nonsense, honest, reliable, innovative, curious

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