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Software project and architecture review
Review/2nd opinion of your software project.

As companies grow in size, they need more complex software to support their business. Especially in markets that are not technology-driven, it's often hard to find good independent advice. You get offers from technology companies that show you they can build everything and make all your dreams come true, but how do you know if their proposals are any good? What questions do you need to ask them? How do you know if their budget estimates are realistic, or if you are overpriced?

I believe that through my experience building scalable software infrastructures, I am in the position to offer good quality impartial advice. I will help you ask better questions, identify potential problems and negotiate a better price as a result.

My IT services
  • good quality and honest. I will tell you upfront if I can offer advice or not. It's impossible to be an expert in everything, so I will immediately tell you if I can help.
  • very competitive price. I am living in China, so I can charge less than consultants in Western countries. I can charge per hour or on a project-basis.
  • strictly confidential. I will not discuss your project with others.

  • software project review. You are starting a new project and received some offers from software vendors. You know how to compare the offers based on the business requirements, but you need some help with the technical requirements. This is where I can help
  • architecture review. Perhaps you are doing in-house development, but you would like some additional advice on the software architecture to identify potential problems or bottlenecks. Through my work at Tencent I believe I am in an excellent position to do this.
  • website design. You want to let a company create a website for your business, but are not sure what the different proposals mean. I can help you identify the advantages and disadvantages of each proposal and give you a clear recommendation based on the technical requirements.

How does it work?

We can talk on Skype, MSN or via e-mail about what you are looking for. If we both think that it's a good idea to get me involved, we make a detailed plan how I can help. If I believe I'm not experienced enough in the areas you mention, then I will immediately tell you so.

About me

I'm a 30 year old Dutch IT guy. I've received my MSc from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Since then, I've worked for one of the largest Chinese IT companies. I mainly focus on backend design and implementation, because this is most interesting I believe. I am not an expert on "frontend" stuff (such as HTML, CSS, JS, etc). I'm also not an expert on Microsoft technology stacks. I am very good at judging architectures based on Linux stacks though and I have worked with many open source projects. I am interested in software architectures, design patterns and scalability.


You can contact me via the contact link in the menu.
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