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Chinese translation
Good, cheap and reliable Chinese translation services! 

Sometimes we get requests via to translate something into Chinese. We enjoy helping others and believe that many Chinese translation companies are overpriced and bad quality. You're not even sure if they are going to just take your money and cheat you. If you finally find a good translation company, you need to pay for the management and only a small portion of the fee is finally given to the actual translator. It's quite expensive therefore. You could of course also hire professional Chinese translators in Western countries, but they can be very expensive.

We believe we can do better. Oftentimes you need good translations, but not at any cost. For example you want to translate your website, a letter to a Chinese company, a video etc. So from today on, we would like to offer good translation services that you can trust.

Our Chinese translation services

  • dedicated to you, since we do not have many customers, we can focus on you
  • good quality, especially when translated into Chinese
  • very competitive price, we are cheaper than others because there are no middle-men
  • confidential, we will never share your documents with others


  • translating audio/video (this is often very hard for Chinese translators)
  • translating websites (we both have a very technical background, so can work independently on your website, translating templates, Photoshop images etc).
  • translating personal letters (you need someone you can trust)

How does it work?

You send us the material you want to translate via email, or IM. We will then give you an honest estimate of the estimated cost.

About us

Xiaoxiong (Chinese nickname) is 28 years old. She has lived in China all her life. Born in Hunan, moved to Jiangxi, studied in Dalian and worked in Shanghai, she has been to many parts of China. She moved to Shenzhen in 2005 and works in Tencent as an ITIL manager. She speaks Mandarin, English and a little bit Dutch and Cantonese. Xiaoxiong has studied Electrical Engineering and has a BSc degree.


Contact us via the menu on the left top. We will then soon get back in touch with you.

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syed quadri  - Global Business Development   | |2011-02-03 12:09:39
Good Morning Xiaoxiong,
My name is Syed Quadri and looking for a workingpartner in China/Shenzhen who could handle some paper work and communication for our purchases from Chicago offices. If you are interested kindly please let me know as have gone through you achievement which has in turn opted me to contact you to see if something can be work out professionally. I am planning to visit Shenzhen if our deal for 2011 works out fine.
Awaiting you reply and have a wonderful day.
Syed Quadri
Saeid Zamani  - electronics     | |2011-11-20 23:00:59
Dear sir
I like for best translation persian to china.
Best Regards

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