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Winter melon with bacon
Winter melon is a huge vegetable of which you usually buy one very thick slice in the supermarket. In this dish we chop the winter melon into large cubes and bake it with some bacon. The bacon gives a little bit extra flavor to this vegetable. Very simple to make.


Winter melon with bacon and a few pieces of red pepper (not spicy)

  • one thick (4-8 cm or so) slice of winter melon 
  • some sliced bacon, not too much
  • a little bit or red pepper
  • salt, oil, water

  • remove the green outside from the winter melon and remove the white inside (containing the pits)
  • next cut the winter melon into cubes of about 2 cm big
  • slice the bacon into thin strips
  • chop a little bit red pepper fine
  • heat oil in a large wok
  • add the cubed winter melon and fry a little while
  • add a bowl of water, such that it doesn't get burned and the water melon can boil
  • add a little bit of the bacon for the flavor (goes into the water)
  • add the red peppers
  • you probably need to add water a few times, keeping high fire and stirring sometimes
  • when the color of the winter melon changes and it becomes more translucent, it's almost done
  • when almost all water evaporated, add the remaining bacon, and stir fry more
  • add a little bit salt and stir till mostly dry

Winter melon, you need to remove the green outside and the middle white part with the pits

We just added the winter melon to the pan, soon after that add a good amount of water

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