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Whole wheat oatmeal cookies
Today I made whole wheat oatmeal cookies according to some recipe I found online. They tasted good and are very healthy, so I wanted to recommend them here. They were also quite easy to make with ingredients easily available in supermarkets in Shenzhen.

Whole wheat oatmeal cookies

Ingredients and recipe here: - "amazing whole wheat oatmeal cookies"

I could only not buy vanilla and baking powder in any of the supermarkets nearby, so I had to leave that out. Besides that, all ingredients are quite easy to buy in China. Perhaps I will order some vanilla next time on Taobao. Instead of baking powder, I added a bit more baking soda and some lemon juice (the acid needed to make the soda do it's work). I also decided to add less brown sugar than in the recipe, because most Chinese don't like it too sweet. I added lots of raisins and almost a whole apple instead.

I made the applesauce by simple cutting a small apple and putting it (with a tiny bit of water) for a few minutes in the microwave. Then letting it cool down and blending it with the brown sugar etc.

Brown sugar, little bit white sugar going into the blender with the egg whites, microwaved-apple-pieces, butter and egg whites

mixing the dry flour, soda, salt etc with the wet blended ingredients and afterward adding oatmeal. Also add the soaked raisins in

Baking for about 12 minutes at 190 C

final result, easy, delicious and quite healthy!

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