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Water bamboo with pork
Water bamboo (also called "wild rice stem") is a typical Chinese vegetable. It looks like regular bamboo shoots, but then narrower. In fact it's really the bottom part of a specially infected rice plant. The outer parts need to be removed, since only the inside white flesh is eaten. In this dish it's sliced and stir fried with pepper and pork.


stir fried water bamboo (also called wild rice stem ). Pinyin: jiaobai, Chinese: 茭白

  • water bamboo (about 4)
  • pork (about 100 gram)
  • red peppers (not spicy)
  • oil for cooking, salt

  • remove the green outside of the water bamboo shoots, only keep the white inside
  • slice the white inside into long strips
  • slice the pork into strips, bit smaller
  • cut the red pepper in ovals

  • heat oil in a wok on high fire
  • add pork, shortly stir fry till half done
  • then add the water bamboo shoots and red pepper
  • add salt to taste
  • if the wok becomes too dry, add a little bit of water (few spoons is enough)
  • cook until the water bamboo pieces are a bit yellow and soft

peeling the raw water bamboo, only use the white inside. Remove the outside thin layer

wok the water bamboo over high fire

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