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Stir fried carrot with pork
Stir fried carrots are another common dish in China. It's again easy to make, but tastes very good. It's also very different from how carrot is prepared in the West.



  • a couple of large carrots (those very thick hard winter carrots, not the thin sweet ones)
  • a little bit of pork meat (100 gram)
  • some green pepper (not too spicy)
  • a spoon of black fermented soy beans (about 15 beans, optional)
  • salt, oil

  • peel the carrots, throw away the top part
  • slice the carrots in as thin slices as you can, each strip about 5cm long, 1cm wide and very thin
  • also slice the pork meat into similar shapes, but can be a bit thicker
  • same for the green peppers

  • heat a big wok and add oil
  • first put the sliced pork meat in, stir-fry till half done
  • add the green peppers first and keep stirring
  • then add the carrots and fermented soy beans mix everything well in the pan
  • add salt to taste
  • make sure you have enough oil in the wok
  • when the wok becomes too dry, you can add some water (a few tablespoons should be enough)
  • it's done when the carrot is nice soft

sliced carrot

frying the pork in oil

Add the carrots to the wok and then add the black fermented soy beans

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