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Lotus root meatballs
Lotus root meatballs are very simple to make and a nice variation on the typical meatballs found in Western dishes. The lotus root pieces give a nice crunchy bite to the meatballs and a little ginger makes it taste fresher. Full recipe below


Lotus root meatballs (pingyin: ou wan, chinese: 藕丸)

  • 1 lotus root
  • equal amount of minced pork meat
  • little bit of spring onion (spoon)
  • 1 egg
  • little bit fresh ginger (teaspoon)
  • few tablespoons flour
  • salt, cooking wine, chicken powder (stuff to make chicken soup), light soy sauce

  • peel the lotus root, wash the sand off and chop it very fine into pieces a few mm and put in a bowl
  • chop a little bit of spring onion fine and add
  • also very finely chop a little bit of fresh ginger and add it
  • mix in the minced pork, whole egg
  • add salt, tiny bit of cooking wine (not too much, because it becomes too wet), chicken powder and light soy sauce (tiny bit)
  • add any kind of flour to make the dough a little bit dryer and more sticky

  • Best use a flat pan, because the meatballs tend to fall apart easily
  • heat the oil, and add the meatballs in
  • bake till golden brown on one side and turn over
  • only takes  a few minutes per meatball

Lotus root, after peeling the outside with a fine-peeler and washing. Use one of these pieces for this dish

Mincing the lean pork meat. In the bowl we added the minced lotus root, a little bit of spring onion and ginger. Using two knives to mince the meat is just for show ;)

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