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Long green beans with bacon
Long green beans are good when combined with aubergine (eggplant), but in this dish we cook it only with a little bit bacon and some red peppers


Green beans with bacon and red pepper

  • long green beans, but you could also use the shorter version
  • few slices of bacon
  • some chopped red pepper
  • oil, salt, soy sauce

  • wash the long green beans, cut the ends off
  • cut into pieces about 4-5 cm long
  • heat oil in a wok
  • add the beans and stir fry for a while
  • next add lots of water, so we can boil the beans in the wok. These kind of beans need quite long to become softer
  • when they are almost done, mix in the bacon and red peppers
  • keep stir frying, so you get some of the bacon flavor into the beans

long green beans, but you can also use shorter version

shortly stir fry, then add lots of water so they can be boiled for several minutes. it takes quite long before these beans become softer

when the beans are soft and most water is evaporated, you add the sliced bacon and red peppers and stir fry for a little bit longer

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