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Dutch pancakes
A traditional Dutch recipe this time: pancakes! Very simple to make and taste very good. Dutch pancakes are much thinner and lighter than American pancakes. We often put fruit inside such as raisins, apple or banana. It's also possible to combine it with cheese or bacon, but in this recipe I just make the fruit-version.


  • 400-500 gram white plain flour (no need for yeast)
  • 2 big eggs or 3 medium eggs
  • about 1 liter of milk
  • tiny bit of salt
  • butter for baking (you could use oil, but it doesn't taste as good)

  • apple (thin slices)
  • banana
  • cup of raisins (soak them first)
  • cheese
  • bacon 
  • whipped cream etc

  • put all of the flour into a very big bowl
  • break the eggs separately and add them to the flour
  • add a little bit of milk and mix well, till you get a thick dough
  • continue adding milk, but make sure you get rid of all lumps in the dough before you add more milk
  • add tiny pinch of salt
  • the final batter mixture needs to be like a thick soup


The setup I like to use: a big pan with the batter next to the pan and on the left of that a big flat plate to put the pancakes. The big soup spoon is convenient to get the right amount of batter every time.

the batter needs to be quite thin

melt a little bit of butter in a flat pan, when the pan is hot add the batter. You should not turn the heat to the highest setting, but probably just about 2/3 of max

bake until the top is not running anymore and the pancake has turned yellow, then use a spade to flip

after you flip the pancake, the other side should look like this: nice golden brown

apple pancakes. I add a tiny bit of batter first, then add apple slices and then cover with a bit more batter. Fruit pancakes need a bit longer to bake, so turn the heat lower.

Banana pancakes

Raisin pancakes. Same two-step procedure as with apple

All done, you will have a huge pile of pancakes. Both warm and cold they taste great!

Put some sugar, jam or syrup on the pancake, roll it tightly and eat it.
You can also put fresh fruit, icecream, pudding of whipped cream inside. Yummy!

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