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 2010 Day of week
Holiday name
 Jan 1  Friday  New Year  Western New Year  

 Feb 13

 Saturday  Spring Festival  

 Feb 14

 Sunday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year (eve)
 Feb 15
 Spring Festival
 Chinese New Year
 Feb 16
 Spring Festival  Chinese New Year  Yes
 Feb 17
 Feb 18
 Feb 19
 Feb 20
 Saturday  work    
 Feb 21
 Sunday  work
 April 5  Monday  Tomb Sweeping Day  Ching Min (connected to weekend)  Yes
 April 30
 Extension Labour Day  Connect to the weekend  
 May 1  Saturday  Labour Day    
 Jun 16  Wednesday  Dragon Boat  DuanWu  Yes
 Sep 19
 Sunday    WORK
 Sep 20
 Monday    work  
 Sep 21
 Tuesday    work  
 Sep 22
 Wednesday  Mid-Autumn Festival    Yes
 Sep 23
 Sep 24
 Sep 25
 Saturday    WORK
 Sep 26  Sunday
 Sep 27  Monday
 Sep 28  Tuesday
 Sep 29  Wednesday
 Sep 30  Thursday
 Oct 1  Friday
 National Day Holiday
 National Day
 Oct 2  Saturday
 Oct 3  Sunday
 Oct 4
 Oct 5  Tuesday
 Oct 6  Wednesday
 Oct 7  Thursday
 Oct 8  Friday
 Oct 9  Saturday


Especially the Mid-Autumn festival dates are always hard to predict. It should be 8 days total.

Updated 28th January 2010: The Spring Festival holidays will last from Feb. 13 to 19. The following Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 20 and 21) will be working days.

Updated 29th July 2010: The official schedule for Mid-Autumn and National Day holidays has been added. Many people are unhappy about the schedule! 

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