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Public holidays
 2011 Day of week
Holiday name
 Jan 1  Saturday  New Year  Western New Year  
 Jan 30  Sunday  work    

 Feb 2

 Wednesday  Spring Festival  

 Feb 3

 Thursday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year (eve)
 Feb 4
 Friday  Spring Festival
 Chinese New Year
 Feb 5
 Spring Festival  Chinese New Year  Yes
 Feb 6
 Feb 7
 Feb 8
 Feb 12
 Saturday  work    
 April 2
 April 3
 Sunday  Tomb Sweeping Day  Ching Min
 April 4
 April 5
 April 30
   Connect to the weekend  
 May 1  Sunday  Labour Day    
 May 2
 Monday  extension Labour Day
 Jun 6
 Monday  Dragon Boat  DuanWu  Yes
 Aug 6
 Aug 11
 Thursday  Universiade  Shenzhen ***
 Aug 12
 Friday  Universiade  Opening Ceremony
 Aug 13
 Saturday  Universiade  
 Aug 14
 Sunday  Universiade    
 Aug 20
 Saturday  work
 Universiade ***  
 Aug 21
 work  Universiade ***  
 Aug 22
 Monday  Universiade  Shenzhen only ***  
 Aug 23
 Tuesday  Universiade  Closing Cermony ***  
 Aug 24
 Wednesday  Universiade  Shenzhen only ***  
 Sep 10
 Saturday  Holiday    
 Sep 11
 Sunday  Holiday    
 Sep 12
 Monday  Holiday  Mid-autumn Festival  
 Oct 1  Saturday
 National day holiday
 Oct 2  Sunday
 Oct 3
 Oct 4  Tuesday
 Oct 5  Wednesday
 Oct 6  Thursday
 Oct 7  Friday
 Oct 8  Saturday
 Oct 9
 Sunday  work    


Aug 11-14 and Aug 22-24 are official holidays in Shenzhen due to the Universiade [source

Update July 2011: Universiade holidays declared 

Update August 2011:  My employer (Tencent) only gives 1 day off (Friday 12th of August) and the other days are just normal working days. I've marked these days with ***

Last Updated ( Monday, 01 August 2011 )
 2010 Day of week
Holiday name
 Jan 1  Friday  New Year  Western New Year  

 Feb 13

 Saturday  Spring Festival  

 Feb 14

 Sunday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year (eve)
 Feb 15
 Spring Festival
 Chinese New Year
 Feb 16
 Spring Festival  Chinese New Year  Yes
 Feb 17
 Feb 18
 Feb 19
 Feb 20
 Saturday  work    
 Feb 21
 Sunday  work
 April 5  Monday  Tomb Sweeping Day  Ching Min (connected to weekend)  Yes
 April 30
 Extension Labour Day  Connect to the weekend  
 May 1  Saturday  Labour Day    
 Jun 16  Wednesday  Dragon Boat  DuanWu  Yes
 Sep 19
 Sunday    WORK
 Sep 20
 Monday    work  
 Sep 21
 Tuesday    work  
 Sep 22
 Wednesday  Mid-Autumn Festival    Yes
 Sep 23
 Sep 24
 Sep 25
 Saturday    WORK
 Sep 26  Sunday
 Sep 27  Monday
 Sep 28  Tuesday
 Sep 29  Wednesday
 Sep 30  Thursday
 Oct 1  Friday
 National Day Holiday
 National Day
 Oct 2  Saturday
 Oct 3  Sunday
 Oct 4
 Oct 5  Tuesday
 Oct 6  Wednesday
 Oct 7  Thursday
 Oct 8  Friday
 Oct 9  Saturday


Especially the Mid-Autumn festival dates are always hard to predict. It should be 8 days total.

Updated 28th January 2010: The Spring Festival holidays will last from Feb. 13 to 19. The following Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 20 and 21) will be working days.

Updated 29th July 2010: The official schedule for Mid-Autumn and National Day holidays has been added. Many people are unhappy about the schedule! 

Last Updated ( Friday, 10 December 2010 )

The official public holidays in 2009 (year of the Ox) for China are confirmed, this is the final overview:

 2009 Day of week
Holiday name
 Jan 1  Thursday  New Year  Western New Year  
 Jan 2
 Friday  New Year extension
 Extension New Year. Work sunday the 4th
 Jan 3  Saturday  regular weekend

 Jan 25

 Sunday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year (eve)
 Jan 26
 Spring Festival  First day new year
 Jan 27  Tuesday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year  Yes

 Jan 28

 Wednesday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year  
 Jan 29  Thursday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year  
 Jan 30  Friday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year  
 Jan 31  Saturday  Spring Festival  Chinese New Year  
 April 4  Friday  Tomb Sweeping Day  Ching Min (connected to weekend)  Yes
 May 1  Friday  Labour Day  Connected to weekend
 May 2
 Saturday    Weekend  
 May 3
 Sunday    Weekend  
 *May 4  Monday golden week extension
 Extra holiday in 2009  
 *May 5  Tuesday golden week extension  Extra holiday in 2009  
 *May 6  Wednesday    Annual leave, optional but encouraged  
 *May 7  Thursday    Annual leave, optional but encouraged  
 May 8  Friday  work    
 May 9/10
 Sat/Sunday  work    
May 28  Thursday  Dragon Boat  DuanWu  Yes
May 29  Friday  extension  Extension Dragon boat, work sunday 31st
May 30
 Saturday  regular weekend
 Oct 1  Thursday  National Day holiday  
 Oct 2  Friday  National Day    
 Oct 3  Saturday  Mid-Autumn Festival  Combine with National Day?  Yes
 Oct 4  Sunday  Mid-Autumn    
 Oct 5
 Monday  Mid-Autumn    
 Oct 6  Tuesday  Mid-Autumn    
 Oct 7  Wednesday  Mid-Autumn    
 Oct 8  Thursday  Mid-Autumn    

Notes : the National Day holiday and Mid Autumn festival in 2009 are very close together. Confirmed: they will be combined in a long holiday (8 days) starting October 1st. Previously this table stated the holiday will probably start September 26th, but that was wrong.

* About the May 1st Golden Week in some provinces: IT HAS BEEN BANNED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT:

"In a surprise move, the State Council banned any special holiday arrangement Thursday, the day after Guangdong had made its golden week national holiday announcement" (source). Article about the original plans for the May 1st holiday: source 

To summarize, the two golden weeks in 2009 are:

  • January 25 - January 31 (7 days)
  • October 1 - October 8 (8 days)

The total number of vacation days in China in 2009 is 15(+2) (excluding weekends of course).

source Chinese holidays (Chinese)

Last Updated ( Monday, 08 June 2009 )

The official public holidays in 2008 for China are:

 2008 Day of week
Holiday name
 Jan 1  Tuesday New Year    
 Feb  6  Wednesday Spring Festival New Year's Eve
 Feb 7  Thursday Spring Festival    yes
 Feb 8
 Friday Spring Festival    yes
 Feb 9
 Saturday Spring Festival    yes
 Feb 10
 Sunday Spring Festival    yes
 Feb 11
 Monday Spring Festival    yes
 Feb 12
 Tuesday Spring Festival    yes
 Apr 4
 Friday Tomb Sweeping Day Ching Min
 May 1
 Thursday Labour Day    
 May 2
 Friday Labour Day extension, work Sunday May 4  
 Jun 8
 Sunday Dragon Boat
 Jun 9
 Monday Dragon Boat
 Aug 8
 Friday Beijing Olympics Opening ceremony
 Aug 24  Sunday Beijing Olympics Closing ceremony
 Sep 14
 Sunday Mid-Autumn Festival
 Sep 15
 Monday Mid-Autumn Festival
 Sep 29
 Monday National Day holiday
 Sep 30
 Tuesday National Day holiday
 Oct 1
 Wednesday National Day    
 Oct 2
 Thursday National Day holiday
 Oct 3
 Friday National Day holiday    


August 8 has been proposed as a national holiday called 'Sports Day' but has not been approved as of April 2008. The current status is unknown. The parts of the calender marked in red are the two 'big' holidays in China during which most Chinese can travel.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 12 April 2008 )
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