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Chinese translation

Chinese language is hard and for official purposes you need to use a professional translator. For everyday use, you can also use some automated tools. For example at work I often receive e-mails in Chinese and then I translate those using Google Translate.


My favorite tools for translating long Chinese texts:

Google Translate : Chinese - English

I have bookmarked Google Translate at work and everytime I need to translate a large amount of Chinese, I will just copy/paste it to Google Translate and get the rough meaning of the text. It does often make silly mistakes obviously, but at least you will be able to understand it in general.

Yahoo Babelfish : Chinese - English

I used this before Google Translate was released, but in my opinion Google Translate is easier and has better translations.


To translate individual characters, I use these tools:

Nciku : Chinese - English

On this website you can draw Chinese characters and translate them. This is very useful when you for example have a photo with some Chinese characters and don't know how to type them. Instead you can just 'write' the character and get the translation.




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